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Diversity, A Minecraft Multi-Genre Map Download

diversity minecraft multi map

Diversity is a very ambitious minecraft map download project designed to be all things to all people. It contains adventure, parkour, survival, CTM, arena, boss battles and many more minecraft activities in one neat download. There are ten levels in all to complete, levels which require agility, combat skills and the basic knowledge of minecraft’s history as a game. Play this map and complete the monument, and you’ll be able to play any minecraft map.

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Greener Pastures, Minecraft Farm CTM Adventure Map

Nothing I can type will prepare you for the scope and majesty of this minecraft adventure / CTM map. The word ‘farm’ is in the title, because the monument is completed with farming items, but this minecraft map is really more of a fantasy romp through strange and exciting biomes. Even the word biome fails to do the map justice, as we’ve come to associate biomes with little more than natural landscapes, not the great weird and wonderful worlds you’ll visit in this map.

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Lake of Mirrors, Hardcore Minecraft Hostile CTM Map

minecraft hardcore ctm map download

Lake of Mirrors is a CTM map that is both super hostile and hardcore. In fact, this map all but self destructs upon loading, that’s how good it is. Don’t let the pretty scenery and small monument fool you (you only have to collect four items to complete the monument). Every single one of those items will push you to the very limits of sanity – and perhaps even to the very limits of life. Be very careful though, this map is entirely unyeilding. You die and it is back to the saves folder to re-extract the .rar and try yet again.

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Sburb, Minecraft MS Paint CTM Adventure Map Download

sburbcraft minectraft ms paint GUI

A minecraft map reliving the glory days of MS Paint Adventures, Sburb is a fully fledged minecraft adventure CTM map complete with all the features you’d expect in a MS Paint inspired map – bizzare texture pack drawing direct inspiration from the original series and challenges more difficult than you could ever hope to solve with your dismembered arms. Play Sburb to fill the Sylladex and become lord high champion of nostalgia parties.

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monstrosity minecraft ctm adventure survival map

Sixteen unique locations and dozens of custom monsters designed to do nothing but terrorize you make MONSTROSITY a scary minecraft CTM map. With hours of play (many of them involving the player running scared throughout weird and twisted landscapes). This is a minecraft map made of pure evil. And fire with a hat and a sword.

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Bioshock Infinite, Minecraft Butter Adventures and Gloomy Minecraft CTM Maps

Three minecraft maps in three totally different genres are being featured over on Wordpuncher today. Top of the list is the:

minecraft bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite Minecraft Map

minecraft bioshock infinite map download

A beautiful minecraft Bioshock Infinite map covering the City of Columbia, this minecraft rendering of the popular sequel to the Bioshock series is as stunning as it is fun. Ride the rails then take a stroll through the streets of Columbia, searching for the girl they want. (If that means nothing to you, check out this bioshock infinite trailer.)

Gloom CTM Minecraft Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

A dark, gothic style minecraft CTM map with massive builds, Gloom is one of the most popular minecraft CTM maps at the moment – and for good reason. The atmosphere in this map is hard to match and with extensive customization you’ll be able to craft your own unique survival experience in a world that feels deeply real.

Minecraft Butter Adventures Map

quest for butter minecraft adventure map download

A little bit adventure, a little bit butter, this is a cute and very popular minecraft adventure map with anything but a cute end boss. With four seperate levels and adjustable difficulties, you’ll enjoy pitting your wits against the devastatingly clever map designer as you claim your four blocks of golden butter and do your best to appease the butter god.

Catharsis! Minecraft Map of the Soul. (Also Survival, CTM and Adventure for 1.4.6)

the broken beach of cathartic minecraft experiences

Have you ever felt that your minecraft map playing experience just wasn’t deep enough? Sure you collected a lot of emeralds and maybe you beat a boss or two, but something was missing. There was something more to be had from the experience, a certain sense of release and relief, a cleansing of minecraft body and soul. Catharsis is a map that transcends mere mappery. It is an experience, a journey to the very center of a dangerous landscape – the landscape of your soul.

Click the link of broken dreams and read the article of summing up in order to download your personal Catharsis experience…

The Lonely Lands, Minecraft CTM Survival Map (Download + Review)

The Lonely Lands are vast spaces filled with strange and wonderful biomes. And, for the brave explorer who is willing to do what it takes to survive, there are dungeons, monsters and wool rewards with which one might complete the monument and restore the honor of one’s family – or simply kill a couple of hours in slack jawed wonder at the vistas of imagination that unfold as you play through this linear CTM survival map where crafting is allowed, bows and arrows and boots of feather falling can be found and yet still you wander on and on…

Click here to read more, check out screenshots and download The Lonely Lands, Minecraft CTM Survival Map!

Inkstar, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map (Download + Review)

Twelve dragon eggs left behind in a world built by dragons. Your task? To find them all.

From the very first inkling of the very first screenshot of the Inkstar minecraft adventure map one can’t help but be blown away by the scale, intricacy and sheer design chops displayed in this map’s builds. It puts most other minecraft maps to shame, it puts most real world buildings to shame. It puts shame to shame, that’s how incredibly impressive this adventure download is.

Watch the trailer to get hyped up, then click the link to get one step closer to playing this stunning minecraft 1.4 adventure map!

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