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How To Make A Minecraft Tank House

minecraft house tank

If you spend enough time living in a house in real life and want to make your minecraft domicile slightly more interesting, why not build and live in a minecraft tank?

minecraft house tank inside

A standard minecraft house tank contains a bed, a crafting table, storage chests and even a furnace.

Click here to check out the full minecraft house tank building guide!

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Minecraft Architecture Guide | How To Be A Better Minecraft Builder

minecraft architecture guide

The dirt shack has gone the way of the cave. In the beginning of minecraft it was enough to throw together some cobble and wood and call your ‘castle’ home. But these days minecraft builds are impressive, entire cities with towers and spires and detailed cathedrals and all manner of minecraft buildings that leave the average player feeling – well, feeling pretty flat really. Fortunately, there are talented builders willing to provide tips as to how to build better minecraft structures. One of those builders is Lentebriesje, a planet minecraft builder with an astounding understanding of real world architecture. His series teaches you from the ground up how to use basic shapes and structures to create epic builds you can be proud of.

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Minecraft Password Portals | How To Password Your Portal

A neat way to make password protected minecraft portals, which enable you to create secret portals within other portals. Any player will be able to use the portal to access the nether or other locations, but only people who have the password written down on a piece of paper will be able to access the secret areas hidden inside the portal. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. Watch this minecraft portal password video to learn how to skip to secret dimensions without anyone knowing you’ve done it.

How To Download Minecraft 2.0

Minecraft 2.0 is a real minecraft client launched by Mojang for April Fool’s day. You can play this client, which comes in three separate versions. One contains super hostile mode, one contains new items and one contains both. Minecraft super hostile mode is a fun experience, if you like facing super buffed mobs with mega upgraded gear and a boosted spawn rate.

Finally, a minecraft April Fool’s prank we can enjoy!

Download Minecraft 2.0

How To Make A Minecraft Parachute

This minecraft tutorial video teaches you how to make a minecraft parachute, ensuring soft landings from heady heights. This ‘parachute’ is simply a minecraft boat which, if entered before falling from a great height, and exited before hitting hard land, will absorb all fall damage for you – or rather will negate the existence of fall damage completely. This is a functional minecraft parachute, which, like real parachutes, relies entirely on good timing to be effective.

Minecraft 1.5 Guide

mobs ride mobs in minecraft

This is a complete guide to all the changes made in the minecraft 1.5 update. Changes include new redstone blocks and mechanics (which is why this is called the redstone update) but also adds several other new features, including new snow layers, boosted mobs, nerfed bonemeal and spiders riding pigs riding skeletons riding dragons.

And more… read all about the more!

Minecraft Random Loot Generator Tutorial

minecraft enchanted sword

If you’re looking for a way to add random loot to your minecraft adventure map, then a talented Minecraft Inventor has come up with a solution to your problem. It’s one thing to have a player crawl through a dungeon filled with cave spiders and skeletons wearing diamond armor to win a Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, but isn’t it also more fun if there is some small chance that instead of Thunderfury he or she will get a simple iron axe, or maybe some weighted boots of sinking. Let’s face it, the only reason anybody makes a minecraft adventure map anymore is to chuckle evilly at the misfortune of one’s players.

Minecraft Scoreboard Based Skill Tree System Tutorial

This minecraft invention allows you to to add a ‘skill point’ or ‘skill tree’ system to Minecraft RPG / Adventure maps. It uses the new Minecraft Scoreboard system to allow the player to build their character over the course of a game by assigning skill points into skill trees.

Minecraft skill trees can be created based on any game mechanic or indeed, anything the creator wishes to imagine. Because they are largely assigned via Command Block, you can have game based skill trees like an alchemy skill tree or a mining skill tree, but you could equally create a reading skill tree or a ‘dancing’ skill tree. It doesn’t much matter.

This skill tree system can be used to make the player work towards certain rewards (for example, reaching level five of mining could result in being awarded an unbreaking pick) or it can simply be used to urge your players to complete certain challenges in a way that ‘customizes’ their character. The possibilities are very rich and exciting for anyone wanting to add new dimensions to minecraft adventure maps.

Minecraft Password Locks ( Minecraft Item Detection Systems)

This redstone device allows you to create password locked doors, secret areas and hidden passages. The “password” in this case would be an item thrown into a hopper. If the right item is thrown into the hopper, then the password is accepted. If the wrong item is entered, then the system throws an error. This is much more sophisticated than the old “pressure plate locks” that were used in many minecraft adventure maps and really does hold the promise of creating some sophisticated quest systems in the future.

Check out how to make a Minecraft Password Protected Lock: