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The Best Minecraft Maps of 2013!

best minecraft maps 2013

Check out the top three minecraft maps created in 2013! The best minecraft sky survival, epic jump and dropper maps, all in one place for nostalgic 2013 minecraft downloading as we usher in a whole new year of 2014 minecraft maps!

Check out the top minecraft maps for 2013!

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Mountain Survival, Island Survival and Timed Parkour Minecraft Map Download Collection

Obsidian Run

obsidian run minecraft timed parkour

A parkour map with a difference, you have just three minutes to complete the Obsidian Run. Are you fast enough? Are you skilled enough to complete this timed parkour challenge?

Isle of Biomes

minecraft biome islands

This extensive minecraft island survival map provides plenty of scope for exploration, as well as traps and treasures.

Twin Peaks

minecraft mountain survival

A survival map based on your ability to withstand high altitudes and low temperatures, these are some seriously large mountains.

Three New Minecraft Map Downloads | Horse Parkour, Shopping Survival and Runescape In Minecraft

Minescape Minecraft Runescape Map

minescape runescape map download

Dungeons of Daemonheim is an epic minecraft adventure survival map that will see you and every friend you can muster crawling through dungeons, dunegoning your way to success. Lots of monsters. Lots of traps. Lots of dungeons. Really. A whole lot of dungeons. It’s silly how many there are. This map is based on the ever popular Runescape.

Shopping Survival!

A minecraft sky island map which relies upon clever purchasing tactics, not cobblestone generation as a means to survival. Very original and a lot of fun.

Buckle Up! Minecraft Horse Parkour

minecraft horse parkpur

It’s parkour. With horses. And it feels oh, so right.

Dark Chaos, A Minecraft Parkour Map Download

minecraft planet parkour

Do you like your chaos dark? If so, this multi-level custom made parkour map designed for your leaping pleasure is the perfect map to download of a quiet evening, or even a busy morning, or a slightly tedious afternoon for that matter. DarkChaosCraft is comprised of several impressively designed levels, makes interesting use of redstone devices and will put your parkour and logic skills to the test.

Read more, parkour!

Master’s Hospital, Minecraft 1.5 Puzzle Map

masters hospital minecraft puzzle map download

Dozens of unique minecraft puzzles, custom mobs and a ‘hospital’ full of masters using you as a guinea pig test subject. Does that sound like fun? What about a clock that controls your fate, or the constant mocking of antagonists who laugh at your every misfortune whilst actively planning for. A puzzle map for multiple players, this is a minecraft map designed to destroy friendships.

Read more and download Master’s Hospital minecraft map!

Small Escape, Massive Minecraft Map Adventure (Download + Review)

small escape minecraft shrunken adventure map download

Along the lines of the famous Ant Farm Survival comes a new kind of minecraft adventure map, one set in an oversized office. This map will make you climb your desk lamp, leap through the innards of your hard drive in a super scale super small massive minecraft adventure.

Get your tiny self into a big world of minecraft adventure!

Parkour Hero, Extreme Parkour Minecraft Map Download!

parkour hero map download

If you love minecraft parkour, but find most maps a little too linear and boring for your tastes, have I got something exciting for you. Parkour Hero is a ‘free roaming’ parkour map with stunning landscapes and almost endless lines that means this map has some serious replay value. Send your blocky little Steve hurtling over cavernous drops and trip hop sliding down ravines, just barely clinging to the creepers that prevent him from falling to his doom. Parkour hero means free running, free spirited, ultimate parkour!

Parkour Hero also contains emerald reward points, so those of you who don’t feel as if you’ve completed a map until a challenge has been met and mastered will run, leap, bound and sometimes fall your way to great riches. Parkour Hero is rated O for Oarsome!

Download Parkour Hero!

Assassin’s Creed Minecraft Parkour Adventure Map (Download + Review)

The city of Constantinople lies at your feet, adventurer. Through quick wittedness, agility and fast feet you will uncover the hidden location of the two Masyaf keys whilst becoming familiar with every nook and cranny of the city – as a great assassin needs to be.

Click here to read more and download this Assassin’s Creed based minecraft map!

Hoe-Craft, Minecraft Portal Puzzle Parkour Map Download

This is a map with one mission: to elevate the humble diamond hoe to a new level in the minecraft community. For years a diamond hoe has been considered about as useful as a bathtub full of sand, but Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map puts the diamond hoe at the forefront of all things. Nothing can be achieved without your hoe. So love your hoe. Treat your hoe well, and upgrade it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Click here to read more and download this brain twisting minecraft portal puzzle map, with extra diamonds!