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Minecraft Scoreboard Based Skill Tree System Tutorial

This minecraft invention allows you to to add a ‘skill point’ or ‘skill tree’ system to Minecraft RPG / Adventure maps. It uses the new Minecraft Scoreboard system to allow the player to build their character over the course of a game by assigning skill points into skill trees.

Minecraft skill trees can be created based on any game mechanic or indeed, anything the creator wishes to imagine. Because they are largely assigned via Command Block, you can have game based skill trees like an alchemy skill tree or a mining skill tree, but you could equally create a reading skill tree or a ‘dancing’ skill tree. It doesn’t much matter.

This skill tree system can be used to make the player work towards certain rewards (for example, reaching level five of mining could result in being awarded an unbreaking pick) or it can simply be used to urge your players to complete certain challenges in a way that ‘customizes’ their character. The possibilities are very rich and exciting for anyone wanting to add new dimensions to minecraft adventure maps.

How Big Is Minecraft?

How big is minecraft? Ever wondered how far you can go in minecraft? According to this featured video from Nullatrum, Minecraft post 1.8 has a set size of thirty million miles in any given direction from the spawn point. Another way to say it is to say that any and every minecraft map is potentially sixty million blocks wide. The total surface area of any minecraft map can extend up to 3.6 quadrillion meters squared. A minecraft map is seven times the size of earth. (The math in the video is faulty.)

So how big is minecraft? The earth times seven. That’s how big minecraft is.

Minecraft Lord of The Rings | Minecraft Middle Earth Server

This minecraft multiplayer server is dedicated to rebuilding the locations written on at length in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. You can explore the Shire in minecraft, and help build other locations on the Minecraft Middle Earth Server. New players are welcomed and can earn ranks by participating in LOTR building projects. When you first join the server, it will be as a Thrall. Through participating in jobs directed by Foremen, you can gain the rank of Commoner. From there, who knows what lofty Middle Earth titles you might attain.

Visit the Minecraft Middle Earth Server Website!

Minecraft Myth Busting

Answering pressing minecraft questions like:
do minecraft potion effects stack?
do blocks break faster if two people mine them at the same time?
can slimes spawn on torches?
does the fortune enchantment affect xp?
does fishing in the rain mean you’ll catch more fish?

This is a worthy minecraft You Tube series, with short, snappy videos that don’t spend fifteen minutes pointed at a tree whilst the creator says hmmmm and ummmm a lot.