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Bird Cage Survival, Minecraft Survival Map Download

In the tradition of the Ant Farm Minecraft Survival Map and the Fish Tank Minecraft Survival Map comes Bird Cage Survival, a minecraft survival map requiring vertically oriented survival skills. This dense and action packed map is full of challenges and choc a block full of rewards.

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ZeniMax Sues Minecraft’s Parent Company, Mojang

ZeniMax, the distribution wing of Bethesda, creators of The Elder Scrolls are currently suing Notch from Mojang because he wants to make a strategy card game called ‘Scrolls‘. They’ve decided that they own the word Scrolls for the purposes of gaming and that nobody else should ever be able to use the word ever and so they’re claiming that Mojang are trying to use the word in order to confuse people.

Skyrim is coming out soon and ZeniMax’s lawyers fear that RPG players won’t be able to tell the difference between the massive snowy world in which you can shout at dragons, and a card trading game. In spite of several friendly attempts to resolve the issue by Mojang, ZeniMax is persisting with the suit. Yes, they’re seriously claiming that people might confuse this:

With this:

If you’d like to express your utter disgust to ZeniMax and let them know that you don’t appreciate them suing one of the most promising and innovative indie developers around, you can contact ZeniMax here.

If you’d like to research the matter more before sending a scathing email, here are several posts on the matter.

Vanilla Minecraft

Vanilla Minecraft is a term used for playing Minecaft without any mods, and usually, without any texture packs either. Some people still consider texture packs ‘vanilla’ if they come in the default 16x resolution and don’t need a patcher to make them work. I review and play a great many Minecraft mods, and although I enjoy most of them (certainly the ones I bother to post about,) there is something about playing the original and unadulterated game and I frequently find myself uninstalling mods in favor of the basic Minecraft experience. So should you stick to vanilla Minecraft or is there nothing wrong with a mod or two?

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Minecraft Artifacts Mod, Giving Meaning To Minecraft (WIP)

The Artifacts is an upcoming mod that adds meaning to Minecraft by creating secret dungeons called Labrynths that can only be accessed by finding the fifteen artifacts, which are placed at random throughout the world (20 – 25 chunks apart) and must be found by the player. There are at least five different kinds of artifacts and each of them impart special abilities when held. There are other bonuses too, including new mobs, NPCs, kinds of armor (some of which negates lava damage) and more!

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Minecraft Achievements

Notch, god of Minecraft recently gave a very interesting interview to Gamasutra, in which he talked about the possibility of bringing achievements to Minecraft. The good news, if you like achievements is that they are in the works. The bad news, if you don’t like achievements is that they are in the works. The good news if you just got bad news is that achievements will not be mandatory.

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