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A Compleat History of Minecraft Shape Shifting Mods

minecraft shape shifter mod

If you’re looking for a minecraft shape shifter mod, this is the place to go, with a record of all minecraft shifter mods going back to the original mod launched way back in the mists of time, this article details the scope and powers associated with different minecraft shifter mods and also provides links to download the latest in the minecraft shifter scene.

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Minecraft Dr Who Mod Download | Minecraft Daleks, Minecraft Tardis

minecraft tardis dr who mod

EXTERMINATE! This is a Dr Who Dalek Mod for minecraft, and that’s really all I should have to say to have you whipping out your sonic screwdriver and accessing the nearest network terminal for a download of this minecraft mod. Calling this a Dalek mod is doing it a bit of a disservice because it’s more of a ‘World of Dr Who’ mod, complete with all sorts of interesting things…

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Minecraft Marriage Mod Download, Get Married And Have Kids In Minecraft!

minecraft marriage mod download

Minecraft’s villages and villagers are sort of disappointing, aren’t they? This mod turns minecraft villagers into friends, and more than that, it turns minecraft villagers into family. With a complex new villager system that allows for the giving of gifts, the making of friends and the marrying of wives and husbands, you can now start an an entire family inside minecraft.

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Feed The Beast Minecraft Mod Nuke Screenshots

I was playing around with some of the nukes in the Feed the Beast modpack. Suffice to say – they’re impressive. One nuke makes a fairly sizeable dent in the terrain. A bunch of nukes, well, let’s just say that with enough of them you wouldn’t have any trouble reducing everything as far as the eye can see to one giant crater going to bedrock.

feed the beast mod pack nuke explosion

In this screenshot, we see my pc lagging as about 30 or so nukes take their sweet time destroying everything in their path. A mandala of destruction, you might say.

feed the beast mod pack screenshots

A view from inside a dirty waterfall looking out on the crater after the fact.

feed the beast giant nuclear explosion

Flying high above the clouds, which is how high you have to be in order to even begin to be able to see the sheer scale of the power of this minecraft mod.

More Fish For Minecraft! Minecraft Fish Mod Adds 200 Types of Fish!

minecraft more fish mod

You know what minecraft is missing? Jellyfish. Boxfish. Frogs. Tadpoles. Starfish. Angelfish. Coral. Aquatic plants. Whales. It’s DEFINITELY missing whales. But miss aquatic life no longer, because this mod adds a whole new marine and fresh water ecosystem to the game, so you have many more fish in your minecraft than before! Some of these minecraft fish are aggressive, like the alligator gars and electric eels, others are peaceful and serene, like the schooling angelfish.

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Minecraft Invasion Mod UPDATED FOR 1.4.6 (Review + Download)

minecraft invasion mod for 1.4.6

Are you ready to test your bases? See if your fortress will hold up to sustained and prolonged attack? (And perhaps more than a little hyperbole.) The minecraft invasion mod is a mod that adds hyper dangerous mobs with all new abilities to the game. Mobs that can build bridges over your lava moat and tunnel up under your feet. Mobs that emerge out of a tar pit and become flaming zombie torches of doom if exposed to open flame.

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Top Five Minecraft Mod Packs

creeper face

Mod packs make minecraft modding easier by curating mods, making sure they all work together and then providing them in a nice, handy installer that allows a user to mod their minecraft game without having to mess about in the .jar and gain a guru’s understanding of Java.

This article contains information on five top mod packs, which will add mini maps, computers, flyable planes, drivable cars – and change how you think about minecraft forever!

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