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2G4G Minecraft ‘Golf Course’ Multiplayer Map Download

An extensive multiplayer golf map, 2G4G is the location for a nice competitive wander around the course with your closest minecraft playing friends. You must use Ender Pearls to ‘shoot’ around the course with the aim of hitting the flag or getting the pearl in the hole.

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Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Multiplayer Minecraft Map

If you’re looking for something fast paced, survival based and incorporating mano e mano action, then Spheric Ruins is the map you’ll be wanting for your next multiplayer project. Resources abound, though they have to be harvested and the terrain is not always friendly. Monsters, sharp dips and rivers of lava all stand in your way, not to mention broken creeper ladders and more.

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Minecraft Tomb Multi-Player Megastructure

A great many megastructures have been created in Minecraft and this is but one of them. I like it because of its other-worldy tomb atmosphere and moreover, its Tardis like quality. At first one is suitably underwhelmed, but as the player descends deeper underground, it becomes devastatingly apparent that this is much larger than was ever dreamed of in your philosophy.

Explore this structure for yourself on Unicorn Island

Minecraft Multi Player With Simple Server

You can use the free Minecraft server code to set up your server, and you can use Simple Server in conjunction with it. Simple server is a server wrapper that tunnels traffic to the minecraft server and adds extra functionality along the way. If you’re serious about having a server that offers a high level of protection to its players and can easily integrate Bukkit mods, then using Simple Server (also free) is a good way to go.

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Free Minecraft SMP Server Hosting

When it comes to Minecraft, a game dedicated to putting blocks in some places and removing them in others, so much more can be achieved with multiple players. Many digital hands make for light work, and all that jazz.

SMP is Minecraft’s multiplayer mode, in which multiple people play on a server. There are many amazing public multiplayer servers you can join and explore, but there are definitely advantages to running a private SMP server. You can choose who comes onto your server, which means that griefing is likely to be far less of a problem than on public servers. So where do these servers come from, and how can you run one?

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Minecraft Multiplayer Getting Started Guide

Minecraft, a game in which trees are punched and pigs destroyed for tasty bacon could be mistaken for a real life simulation if it weren’t for the extreme blockiness of everything.The beauty of the game is that it allows people to create entire worlds, buildings and wonderous caverns. The only downside of the game is that aside from a few sheep and cows who insist on jumping in your face when you craft, a minecraft world is a very lonely one. You are the only inhabitant, the only traveler on the great roads you construct.

The solution to this is of course, multiplayer. Minecraft multiplayer is almost certain to take off in the coming months and years, for in the realm of multiplayer ones creations may be not only admired, but used by other players.

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