BorderCraft, Borderlands HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64) (128 x 128)

Bordercraft is an HD texture pack for Minecraft based on the Borderlands game. It’s awesome and if you love HD at all you should download it and install it immediately. I love this texture pack. I mean, really love it. I feel as if this texture pack and I have a special cosmic bond that stretches through space and time. It has rekindled my positive feelings about Minecraft in a way that no other texture pack could.

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2 thoughts on “BorderCraft, Borderlands HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64) (128 x 128)

  1. xShermon

    Can i make a 32×32 version of this pack and post it on minecraft forum?
    A reply would be much appreciated Thx!

  2. minecrafthope Post author

    I am not the creator of this texture pack. I suggest you ask permission from the creator themselves, who can probably be contacted on the Minecraft forum.

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