Free Minecraft SMP Server Hosting

When it comes to Minecraft, a game dedicated to putting blocks in some places and removing them in others, so much more can be achieved with multiple players. Many digital hands make for light work, and all that jazz.

SMP is Minecraft’s multiplayer mode, in which multiple people play on a server. There are many amazing public multiplayer servers you can join and explore, but there are definitely advantages to running a private SMP server. You can choose who comes onto your server, which means that griefing is likely to be far less of a problem than on public servers. So where do these servers come from, and how can you run one?

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3 thoughts on “Free Minecraft SMP Server Hosting

  1. BJD4447

    a really cool minecraft server is DEMONCRAFt the ip is
    we are stille making the server and are looking for good builders see ya!

  2. Troy

    Please come to my server it has bukkit Its 1.3.2 no hamachi also has factions its a great pvp server:

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