Mine Colony, NPC Minecraft Mod

If you feel alone in your Minecraft world and wish that there was a way to have others help you without dealing with the griefing and messy emotions that sometimes come with interacting with real humans, then Mine Colony is going to be a must have mod for you.

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3 thoughts on “Mine Colony, NPC Minecraft Mod

  1. Miner

    This mod doesn’t work with the new version of Minecraft. Just so you all know, and don’t waste hours trying to figure out why the mod wont work, like I did.

  2. minecrafthope Post author

    Most mods (if not all) mention on the download page what version of Minecraft they work with. Reading the details there also saves time. Some mods are updated regularly, some intermittently, some die a horrible death, so there’s no point saying ‘this doesn’t work with x’ because all you really know is that this doesn’t work with x today.

  3. revolver275

    i downloaded it but they don’t build a house i go to town hall click build house and he builds a townhall2 then townhall3 enz until 5 then he ays errore stuff about minecraft floorplan5 or something they won’t buidl houses for the othere ppl and miners act strange there so slow don’t go deep even with diamond pickaxe

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