Koda’s Controllable Minecraft Pig Riding Mod

Riding pigs has always been an excellent way to while away the hours in Minecraft, atop your tasty porcine steed. The only real objection anyone could have to a fun afternoon’s pig riding is the fact that pigs, even pigs with saddles, don’t care what you want. They go where they please. This means you end up bouncing around aimlessly for extended periods of time and eventually Piggy Mc Piggerson falls into a lava pit and it’s all over for you both. The controllable pig mount changes the dynamic between you and your pig steed, making it sensitive to your commands.

Read more and download the mod!


4 thoughts on “Koda’s Controllable Minecraft Pig Riding Mod

  1. Buddy

    i already went to the read more and download the mod and it only takes me to the 1.9 prerelease page!


  2. Buddy

    i know it does the same i meant it takes me to that article sure but when i click on the download pig riding mod button at the bottom of the page it takes me to the prerelease page

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