Minecraft 4 Kids HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

An extremely high definition texture pack, Minecraft 4 Kids is probably one of the best HD Minecraft texture packs I’ve ever seen. Designed by a father who wanted to make Minecraft less terrifying for his kid, Minecraft Kids uses Cell Shading technology and high definition textures to create a world of high definition cartoon style wonder.

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5 thoughts on “Minecraft 4 Kids HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

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  2. bunnigurl

    tried to download. now i cant evan USE freakin MINECRAFT! goddam Texture pack fucked up minecraft. it wont evan go to freakin title page. screw this, screw youtube which showed me this, and sscrew my freikin bro, who locked me in my room.

  3. Hope Post author

    Remember you need to use an HD patcher to use HD texture packs. Also, you need a lot of RAM to run a 128x texture pack. No texture pack can break your game. To ‘fix’ the problem, go to your .minecraft folder, open the options text file and remove the name of the texture pack causing the problems, then save the file. The next time you run minecraft it will be fixed.

  4. Hope Post author

    Windows key + R opens the command run window.

    Type %appdata$% in that window.

    That will bring up a folder which contains the .minecraft folder.

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