Albion HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64)

One of the more popular HD Minecraft texture packs, Albion is modeled after an old game of the same name. Having installed it and experimented with it for a time, I think this HD pack is best summarized as ‘the High Definition texture pack you want to use if you’re after a fantasy feel’. In other words, this isn’t a photo realistic texture pack, but it is a very well done, high quality game texture pack. You won’t feel as if you accidentally stepped into a FPS instead of Minecraft when you install Albion.

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2 thoughts on “Albion HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64)

  1. Dante80

    Salutations from sunny Greece…^^

    Thanks for the insightful review for my pack, I just saw that! Keep the goodness coming man, cheers C:

    ps: A suggestion, if you can and want, try reviewing this site (I’m in no way affiliated to it btw).

    MC Customizer gives users the opportunity to mix and match textures from many different texture packs, and also gives artists the opportunity to incorporate a large array of easily accessible to users alternative textures into their creations. In essence, its like the painterly pack customizer, but with:
    1. Mod graphics support
    2. Many TPs to choose from
    3. No need for same resolution or other constraints when mixing and matching.

    Here are two example pages, one for my pack and another for the impeccable Isabella pack…^^

    Regards and best wishes,
    George “Dante80” Ferentinos

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