Millenaire NPC Village Minecraft Mod

What really sets Millenaire apart from other, similar Minecraft NPC mods, is the fact that it introduces both buildings, villages and NPC villagers that will not only trade with the player, but will actually reproduce and have children, to the game. It even adds a currency system, something Mojang should really consider adding to the game in some form. It would certainly come in handy in multiplayer. But we are getting wildly ahead of ourselves.

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58 thoughts on “Millenaire NPC Village Minecraft Mod

  1. SullivanNorman

    Hello! I love this mod its insane! BUT question.

    Can I remodel the NPC’s house? Like instead of dirt make it wood planks or even better stone or bricks? I havn’t tried it because I just found this today and im loading it tonight. Hope you can get back to me thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. minecrafthope Post author

    The great thing about this mod is the fact that the village itself evolves over time and introduces its own upgrades. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t remodel houses you found unsatisfactory, just be prepared for the villagers to make their own design choices too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. zegra

    hi, can there be more than one village on a map? for example i found an artisans village, can i search for a military one?

  4. minecrafthope Post author

    It’s a mod. So you can add it to any map you like. Be aware that the villagers likely don’t care much for your map thought and might very well destroy it. Control over the location of towns is exceedingly limited.

  5. m3ntali5t

    is there another link to get the newest version of the mod since minecraft forums is down and every link i find leads me to there…..

  6. minecrafthope Post author

    The only way that I know is to download the YogBox that I reviewed yesterday. That includes Millenaire and is not hosted on the official forums.

  7. minecrafthope Post author

    Walk away from your first village and hit the ‘v’ key to find a new one. If a new one doesn’t show up, keep going. In my experience new villages aren’t all that hard to find.

  8. minecrafthope Post author

    Aside from the usual decrease view distance advice, no. Minecraft is a system and resource hog. If you were only just able to play the game in the first place, mods won’t help that situation. You could try Optimine that increases Minecraft performance, not sure about compatibility issues though.

  9. minecraftnewbie

    uhmm… are villages found on single player maps? :/ I got the yogbox mod that has millenaire in it but I can’t find it anywhere

  10. Rickywonder

    does anyone know when this will be made compatible with 1.7.3 (or whatever it is lol)
    it sucks so much I was reading about this over and over getting excited. went home… and BAM 1.7 was release the day i went to download ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so please oh mighty minecraft overlords inform me when its made compatible ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. minecrafthope Post author

    Yes they are. You’ll know if Millenaire has loaded because you’ll get a message telling you so when you load a world. If you don’t get the message, something has gone wrong. Press ‘v’ to find villages once the mod is installed correctly.

  12. Anna

    Hi and thanks for a great mod! Just one small question.. can I build houses for my villagers to move in to? I’ve tried but noone seem to want to move in..?!

  13. Twan013

    Been playing this mod on 1.7.3 for a couple of nights now. ABSOLUTELY love it! A few questions though. On kinniken’s wiki site (and other sources), pictures show towns with roads and walls. Will my town(s) eventually build these perimeter walls and streets or is that something I would have to build myself?

  14. Twan013

    the villagers will build their own houses, so no, you can’t build one and expect them to live in it. HOWEVER, my understanding is that eventually you will be able to buy a plot of land from the village, depending on how much deneir you have. I think there are three different sizes, and you can either build your house the way you want to, or the village will build one for you. That’s just my understanding..

  15. Hannah

    I โค this mod !!! And I would download it but for some reason my computor wont let me download mods. and not even my dad cant download it.( He's a computor geek)

  16. Sam

    Ye you just got to supply them with resources by trading with them. it takes time but it will happen ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. minecraftaddicts

    how do you give them timber frames and timber cross frames for building houses?

  18. Dade

    well on my world theres a carpenter they make them the carpenter supplies the town with the frames i dont no how to make them though

  19. Sealyman

    I have a problem. A series of creepers destroyed the main trading building, I can still trade but I can’t help them get certain materials for whatever projects they are doing. Will they fix it themselves because they sure don’t seem to want to.

  20. alagomus

    i can only get indian villages for some reason. i liked the norman villages. is it a problem with the mod or what?

  21. synakal

    if you save enough cash from the town you can use the village wand to create cities of your choice on certain block types

  22. Liv

    Hey, I’m really keen to download the mod, but I’m just wondering if it’s compatible with the mac version of Minecraft. It might be the same, or different, I’m just not sure. Please and thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hope Post author

    I’m pretty sure the Mac version of Minecraft is no different from the PC version, they just store the files in different places. (Though I do ask that people refrain from internet face punching me if I’m wrong on that score.) Why not go ahead and download the mod and try to install it in the usual way you install mods and see if it works?

  24. Brandom

    yes, but they end up remodling it on there own if they have the resources. its best not to mess with it. over time they will look better.

  25. Brandom

    if u trade with a village long enough, u will be able to buy a inoccupe house, but that takes time

  26. Erkahn

    Hey, i got this “village status” that says: one of us, now i can buy a “big spot” so i did, and one of the signs in the castle says: “not enough space”.
    Is there anyone who knows what to do?

  27. mike

    i cant wait till the update comes out! the npc villages will be the best part. i think i will plunder all of my villages and rule the people. can a npc respawn? i hope not, couse they will all be at my throught!!!!!!

  28. cmg13

    hi since the 1.8 version came out is the vilegers in cluded with the 1.8 version or do i need to downlode this mod? ty ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Scorch3r

    I didnt hurt anyone or kill anyone and my status keeps flipping through “Public Enemey” to “Unpleasant Outsider”. Can someone tell me which is worse?

  30. maddstar

    Public Enemy is worse maybe you destroyed a house or something…. unpleasant outsider i think is when you first met the villis….

  31. proto394

    great mod but im having an issue with the villagers at first i thought it was my game glitching ie.random opening doors, disappearing blocks and what not then i found out that half the villagers are invisible how can i fix this?

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