How To Make A Minecraft Texture Pack

Want to make your own Minecraft texture packs? This step by step guide will show you how to find the right files, use an image editor to work with them and finally upload them to share with other Minecrafters. Let’s jump right in!

At its most basic a Minecraft texture pack can be created by editing the .png files found in the .jar found in the .bin. If that didn’t make sense, then you need to hit CTRL + R and type %appdata% then hit ‘run’. Congratulations, you just found your .minecraft file. Open it to find the .bin, then open the .bin to get to the .jar. In order to open the .jar you’ll need a program like WinRAR or WinZip.

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5 thoughts on “How To Make A Minecraft Texture Pack

  1. Gram

    Easiest way is to make your .jar file a .zip file (make a copy and there is an option) and then you can access the pictures without needing 7zip or something like that. Then it is easy to edit with a tool like paint.

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