Mythruna, Role Crafting Minecraft Clone

Titles aside, Mythruna is allegedly more than a mere Minecraft clone. According to the designers, it is a rather ambitious project to create an, and I quote here: “extensive world building, crafting, and sandbox elements with just a touch of role-playing. When completed, Mythruna will be a unique gaming experience.” I’m not sure what part of that is unique from Minecraft, which is, after all, a world building sandbox crafting game, but perhaps the devil is in the details.

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One thought on “Mythruna, Role Crafting Minecraft Clone

  1. NotNeeded

    When Will Mythruna Be Out? It Seems A Lot Like Minecraft. And I Would Very Much Like To Play It. Although It Is A Clone. It Has Much More Graphics. Yet I Haven’t Played Minecraft. I Just Searched On Youtube. So I Tried Playing Minecraft And I Had Bad Video Card Drivers. So Now I Would Like To Play This. And Hopefully I Can Play With Bad Video Card Drivers.

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