Mr Tea99’s Tracy Island, Thunderbirds Minecraft Save File Download

In one of the most impressive Minecraft creations I’ve ever seen, Mr Tea99 has re-created Tracy Island from the Thunderbird’s television series. Tracy Island comes to life in Minecraft with all and I do mean all the Thunderbirds presented in super realistic scale. Even Thunderbird 5, technically in orbit around the earth can be visited and inhabited. My jaw was on the floor for much of the time I spent exploring this world save, which is truly epic in the real sense of the word.

Mr Tea99 says: For any fans of the 1960’s TV show Thunderbirds I present Tracy Island! I have been working on this for the past few weeks using MCEdit and building by hand.

All the Thunderbird machines are available to explore, and there is a monorail tour departing from the back of the Tracy Villa that will take you around all the different hangars. The uniforms of each character are in the respective craft so you can go and collect them all, or just wear your favourite.

Thunderbirds Are Go!


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Tracy Island World Save Download


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