Minecraft Beta 1.6 Change List Highlights

1.6 will be out later this week, and it has some exciting changes included in it! Here are some of what I consider to be the highlights for the coming update. For a complete change list, check out the Word of Notch, linked at the bottom.


+ Added craftable maps
+ Added hatches
+ Added tall grass in some biomes
+ Added Nether support to multiplayer


*Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one
* Made booster tracks speedier (because the old minecraft boosters will no longer work after 1.6)
* Severely nerfed fire so it spread slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely
* Seeds are now found in tall grass, using a hoe on the ground no longer works
* Fixed fences and stairs sometimes becoming invisible
Complete change list for Minecraft Beta 1.6