Minecraft Spider Queen Mod

Bored of vanilla Minecraft? Want something completely different? Here’s something from DJoslin that will blow your mind. In the Spider Queen Mod you play as (rather predictably) a Spider Queen. You gain several new exciting powers as the Spider Queen, which makes your hideous transformation somewhat worth it.

As the Spider Queen:

  • You can see in the dark. Torches are irrelevant for a creature like you. No matter how deep underground you go, it will always be bright enough to see.
  • You can spin silk (which you gain by feasting on pork chops and through other means) into webbing. Webbing acts as a ladder, as a bed and as a place for you to raise your young.
  • You can capture mobs by shooting webbing at them, turning them into cocooned prey.

Excited yet? You should be.

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