Lost Valley Jungle Themed HD Minecraft Texure Pack (32 x 32)

The reason I decided to try the Lost Valley Minecraft texture pack out was the leopard skin cloth. Something that blatantly gauche had to be a winner. Several other surprises awaited me when I loaded this pack however. Birch, for instance, is the best birch I’ve ever seen, mostly because it abandons the harsh black / white color scheme and goes with a softer cream / brown décor.

NOTE: Yes, this is 1.6.6 compatible. All texture packs reviewed after the launch of 1.6.6 are 1.6.6 compatible on account of it would be a colossal waste of everyone’s time if they weren’t.

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2 thoughts on “Lost Valley Jungle Themed HD Minecraft Texure Pack (32 x 32)

  1. Nunya buziness

    Hey. I’m Steelfeathers– you know, the artist who made the Lost Valley texture pack? You say in your review that I haven’t done water yet, but I HAVE. I was one of the first things I did, and I (and everyone else) thinks it looks frickin awesome. Check out my page on minecraftforums.net if you don’t believe me. Or on minecraftplanet.com. I did lava too, and that’s also one of my favorite textures.

    They’re probably not showing up because you didn’t install the HD patch correctly, or used the wrong version. Without the patch, custom water doesn’t show up.

  2. minecrafthope Post author

    This is a terrible slight indeed. I have avenged your honor by correcting my review. I’ve had various results with the HD patcher – also Mod Loader occasionally blocks various textures. The Evil Minecraft texture pack for instance, doesn’t display water or lava or portals correctly.

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