Dark Island, Minecraft Survival Island Map Download

There’s lots of Survival Island maps out there, but this is a new one made by Dark Skynet, who should probably taken seriously. I’ve downloaded it to play and because Mod Loader is conflicting with the HD texture pack to the point that it’s pretty much one or the other at any given time you can trust me when I say I didn’t use any cheats. (Of course, the third party inventory editor INVedit would still work but I didn’t use that.)

Check out Dark Island and download!


3 thoughts on “Dark Island, Minecraft Survival Island Map Download

  1. tryer25

    I like the map so far, especially with that texture pack. Am having trouble figuring where all the caves are. Found only 1 so far. Great so far though.

    TIP: Turn up your volume when in that wreck of a house=]

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