Jadoku RPG Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Another day, another Doku, that’s how it seems sometimes with Minecraft texture packs. Jadoku is the most recent incarnation on the Doku theme, and it’s proving rather popular so I figured I’d go ahead and review it for the tired and jaded amongst us. This texture pack does its best to fit with the original Doku RPG style texture pack, which is no longer being developed.

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4 thoughts on “Jadoku RPG Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

  1. Jademalo

    Hey, Thanks for the review! Just a quick heads up on one thing though, I’ve been working on this pack for a good while now – It’s hardly new. If you look at the post date for the thread, its “Posted 16 January 2011 – 03:23 PM”

    Also, I’ve recently converted the entire thing onto MinecraftCustomizer.net, so there are a heck of a lot of alternates and that now =]

    But anyway, Thanks a lot for the review, I really appreciate it!

  2. Snorre

    Ps.On the customizer you forgot to take the plants whick grows on the trees and make an unbiome of it.
    With biome I can’t take flowers!

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