How To Make A Minecraft Piston Powered Retractable Bridge

Sticky pistons enable you to create blocks that slide in and out (and up and down.) With a little bit of redstone work that means you can create retractable bridges. One moment you’re walking across a safe as houses wooden bridge, the next moment a switch is flipped and the bridge is gone. This article will help you work out the redstone wiring gremlins so that you can create safe houses and nefarious traps on your own terms.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A Minecraft Piston Powered Retractable Bridge

  1. Andrew Thompson

    Normally, when we don’t press on the pistons buttons, the pistons stay like that:
    which makes a kind of door

    However, when nobody presses the pistons buttons, I would like to make them stay like that:
    so it can make a sort of bridge to go over a gap.

    So, I wanted to know if it is possible to make the pistons go in and not out when we click on the button whick directs the pistons?
    If anyone know, I would be very thankfull for an answer 😉

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