Minecraft Artifacts Mod, Giving Meaning To Minecraft (WIP)

The Artifacts is an upcoming mod that adds meaning to Minecraft by creating secret dungeons called Labrynths that can only be accessed by finding the fifteen artifacts, which are placed at random throughout the world (20 – 25 chunks apart) and must be found by the player. There are at least five different kinds of artifacts and each of them impart special abilities when held. There are other bonuses too, including new mobs, NPCs, kinds of armor (some of which negates lava damage) and more!

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3 thoughts on “Minecraft Artifacts Mod, Giving Meaning To Minecraft (WIP)

  1. braedan

    this makes me think of fable haven which is where ia am sure the idea came from, because in fable haven there are 5 artifacts and each one gives you a special ability and when you get all 5 then they could poen the demon prison and the evil people would trak you down to steal the artifacts.

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