New Minecraft Mob: Snowmen (Snow Golems)

The secret of the latest new official Minecraft mob is out, and guess what? It’s a suicidal snowman. Seriously. The cute little snowman shown in the picture above will playfully throw snowballs at whatever comes near it, including creepers and spiders, which then turn on it and attack it. The snowman mob will be craftable, so you can build your own snowmen in minecraft. Don’t get too attached to your little snow friend though, they seem to have very short lifespans by design. If they’re not taunting dangerous mobs to attack them, they’re melting in hotter biomes. On the plus side, they do spread snow as they walk, so you should find it relatively easy to track them on their journey of self-destruction.

EDIT: Notch, in all his notchiness, has decided that they should be called snow golems, probably on account of the fact that you create them from inanimate matter and breathe life into them mysteriously.