Minecraft Release Candidate 2 Download Out Now!

With just one week left until the final release for minecraft, the release candidates are minecraft.jar’s you can download for the purposes of preview and beta testing

Download Minecraft Release Candidate 2 here!

Changelist from Reddit.com’s /r/minecraft):

  • Wooden doors, trapdoors now work correctly.
  • New sfx (also included in 1.8.1):
    • Enderman sounds
    • New hurt/death sounds for the player
    • New “hit” sounds
    • New explosion sounds
    • New item pickup sounds
    • New “toolbreak” sounds
    • New eating sounds
    • New arrow sounds
    • New blaze sounds
    • New XP pickup sounds
  • Quit game button!
  • Eggs spawn chicks instead of chickens. i.imgur.com/BSsKh.png
  • New “toolbreak” particle effect.
  • Bows have durability. i.imgur.com/YYgoI.png
  • Weapon bug from RC1 is fixed.
  • Shading on blocks in inventory! i.imgur.com/BRUAC.png (brings back some old memories pic)
  • Baby sheep inherit colors from their parents.