Rise of the Pigmen Minecraft Adventure Map Download (1.3.1)

A whole new world is about to unfold before your eyes. A world of adventure, of continents to be explored, evil to be overcome and houses to be owned. Get ready to fight, trade and decorate your way to saving the planet one more time in ‘Rise of the Pigmen.’ This map is the first I’ve played that takes advantage of the new minecraft writeable books, a feature I’ve personally been dreaming of for many moons, and with an eighteen page prologue to start the map off, I think we’re going to see some literary hunts in the future that will blow our minds. But that’s not all, there are main quests, side quests, pig men and the mistakes of mages to set right. Confused and / or excited yet?

Click here to read more, look at pictures of magnificent ponies and download this massive minecraft adventure game. (To call this a mere map is to do it a disservice.)