Parkour Hero, Extreme Parkour Minecraft Map Download!

parkour hero map download

If you love minecraft parkour, but find most maps a little too linear and boring for your tastes, have I got something exciting for you. Parkour Hero is a ‘free roaming’ parkour map with stunning landscapes and almost endless lines that means this map has some serious replay value. Send your blocky little Steve hurtling over cavernous drops and trip hop sliding down ravines, just barely clinging to the creepers that prevent him from falling to his doom. Parkour hero means free running, free spirited, ultimate parkour!

Parkour Hero also contains emerald reward points, so those of you who don’t feel as if you’ve completed a map until a challenge has been met and mastered will run, leap, bound and sometimes fall your way to great riches. Parkour Hero is rated O for Oarsome!

Download Parkour Hero!