Minecraft Secret Sink Storage (Use Hoppers To Hide Your Stuff!)

This tricky little piece of minecraft design comes from YouTuber Simply Sarc. When one first walks into quite a charming little minecraft kitchen, one sees nothing but a fridge, a couple of ovens and a few cauldrons. Nothing to see here, right? Wrong? The empty cauldron is actually a hopper.

Here’s where things get interesting. You could just put your items in the hopper and hope that nobody noticed it. But Simply Sarc’s design involves wiring the fridge so that the hopper only contains items when the fridge is activated – and even then, only for a moment. This means that your items have two layers of additional security.

How do you make a secret hopper vault for five of your most valuable items? It’s fiendishly simple in a way, as it works by exploiting the fact that hoppers don’t work when powered by redstone. (Which is extremely counter intuitive, but there you go.) This mechanism can be made with nothing more than several repeaters set to delay, a few redstone wires and two redstone torches.