Feed The Beast Minecraft Mod Nuke Screenshots

I was playing around with some of the nukes in the Feed the Beast modpack. Suffice to say – they’re impressive. One nuke makes a fairly sizeable dent in the terrain. A bunch of nukes, well, let’s just say that with enough of them you wouldn’t have any trouble reducing everything as far as the eye can see to one giant crater going to bedrock.

feed the beast mod pack nuke explosion

In this screenshot, we see my pc lagging as about 30 or so nukes take their sweet time destroying everything in their path. A mandala of destruction, you might say.

feed the beast mod pack screenshots

A view from inside a dirty waterfall looking out on the crater after the fact.

feed the beast giant nuclear explosion

Flying high above the clouds, which is how high you have to be in order to even begin to be able to see the sheer scale of the power of this minecraft mod.