Respawn, An Amazing Minecraft RPG Map (Download + Review)

Respawn is a minecraft adventure RPG map. Before you go on to read this article and look at these screenshots (which are a select few of the many I took as vigorously as a certain type of tourist whilst playing this breathtaking map,) you should be warned that you are, right now, in the presence of something very special. Respawn is truly brilliant.

respawn minecraft adventure map download

From the very moment you spawn, Respawn is an impressive minecraft adventure map. You begin the game staring into the redstone eyes of a skull statue. And it turns out, in those first precious minutes of the game – that you’re already dead. This is the respawn room, the room where Steves go after falling into lava, or having their armor worn away by a horde of skeletons.

respawn starting room minecraft adventure

So you leave the place of death and you return to the world of the living where the sun shines. And there you are met by beauty that will take your breath away as you step into one of the map’s ‘sanctuary’ safe zones.

And then, your adventure begins…