Minecraft Snapshot 13w05a Download

minecraft snapshot download

Download the latest minecraft snapshot here!

Ch-ch-changelog: (via Mojang and reddit.)

Added team based functionality to scoreboards.
Adjusted balancing of bonemeal.
A little late for Christmas, but fully implemented multiple snow heights.

Complete changelog:

  • Increased beacon range – via
  • Fully implemented multiple snow heights
  • Improved stair lighting
  • Improved the scoreboard system
    • Added team mechanics including custom name colors, friendly fire options and objective tracking per team instead of per player
    • Added a new display type – Displays value below nametags – via
    • Added a new criteria type – health, ranging from 0 to 20
    • More info
  • Rebalanced bonemeal
    • Everything now usually takes 2-3 uses to fully grow, but it’s random
  • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed spawn Protection not working properly
    • Fixed /difficulty command doesn’t produce any messages
    • Fixed comparators outputting “pulse” when side signal is on
    • Fixed comparator delay being inconsistent
    • Fixed comparators constantly causing block updates
    • Fixed SRV no longer being used to lookup servers
    • Fixed HD texture pack items having garbage on edges
    • Fixed activator rail not being destroyed faster when using a pickaxe
    • Fixed TNT defusing when travelling between dimensions
    • Fixed the scoreboard vanishing when changing dimensions
    • Fixed right-clicking blocks with a helmet in hand crashing the game
    • Fixed dispensers putting on stacks of armor
    • Fixed the scoreboard system not accepting @a
    • Fixed furnace minecarts dropping a Minecart and TNT
    • Fixed the URL parser not detecting 4 letter TLDs
    • Fixed the wither not regenerating health when riding a minecart
    • Fixed the doMobLoot gamerule not affecting xp drops