Double Jeopardy! Two Dangerous Minecraft Survival Map Downloads

This post is a minecraft survival two for one, highlighting two new minecraft survival offerings, quite different from one another in scope and design. The first requires gathering and exploration skills, and the willingness to go deep inside the hollow heads of minecraft’s most famous creators. The second involves dodging lava and nethermobs where possible.

Minecraft Nether Survival Map

minecraft nether flatland survival map download

Minecraft flatland survival maps are all the rage (and by rage, I could very well mean rage quit). This one adds a twist to the recipe by setting the location of your flatland survival effort in minecraft’s very own hell dimension: the Nether.

Download minecraft’s nether survival flatland map!

Pile of Bodies, Minecraft Survival Map

minecraft pile of bodies seth bling survival map

This new minecraft survival map from SethBling involves surviving atop a mass of prone minecraft statues in the form of giant player skins. The player skins are taken from famous Minecraft player skins as well as Mojang’s developer skins (MinecraftChick, Jeb, and yes, even Notch.) Although this looks like a gimmick pure and simple, it is a functional minecraft survival map. You can complete a full minecraft game (including Nether and End access) if you hunt around the bodies for long enough.

Read more and download this survival map made of giant statues!