Minecraft HD Steampunk Animated Texture Pack Release!

broken anachronism minecraft 64x hd steampunk texture pack

You’ve been waiting to be able to hit somebody with a disembodied prosthetic leg and boot, right? I mean, that’s practically the whole point of minecraft, unless I am very much mistaken. Good news if that is the case, because Broken Anachronism, the HD minecraft steampunk texture pack has just been updated with a whole bunch of animated textures guaranteed to delight and amaze. Redstone blocks have become steam boilers – because what madness is redstone when everything is powered with steam! A stone sword has become a rusty umbrella, and a wooden spade has become a wooden spoon. But that’s not all! With animated compasses, clocks, tools and weapons, you’ll be continually amazed by the dynamic steampunk world you’ll inhabit when you install the texture pack.

Depress your mouse button to visit the link which will explain this wonderful invention in more depth!