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The Rain Is Bacon! PigCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Sure, LB’s Photorealistic HD texture pack has seen more downloads that Notch has seen creepers, but Pig Craft, a 16 x16 texture pack is the best Minecraft texure pack of all time. THE RAIN IS BACON.

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Nagareru Japanese Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Looking for a Japanese / Asian inspired Minecraft texture pack? Look no further! If you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for a decent Japanese themed pack, you’ll be relieved to hear that it’s not difficult to see the Japanese inspiration in this texture pack – even when out and about the pink cherry blossoms are a fairly clear and present reminder that the land of the rising sun has had some serious influence over the world you’re walking around in.

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GirlCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

GirlCraft is one of those texture packs you don’t see very often. One of those texture packs where pinks and pastels reign supreme. It’s supposed to be a texture pack for girls and girls who aspire to be princesses and such will probably love it. But then again, so might boys and bearded grown men. Don’t let the title make you feel discriminated against.

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JoliCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

JoliCraft is one of the most popular 16 x 16 default texture packs because it is whimsically cartoonish in its style and makes Minecraft seem like the happiest place on earth.Everything has been designed to feel as cozy and homely as possible. Take the beds, for instance. The default bed is perpetually crimson and looks like it was designed by someone named Vlad. The JoliCraft bed makes one feel as if there is definitely home baked bread and chicken soup to be had in the morning.

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Sinecraft Simple Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

The first thing I noticed about Sinecraft was that it was pleasantly blocky. The original Minecraft textures are fairly blocky themselves, but this was a new kind of blockiness, a smooth, bordered blockiness that would probably have a martini on Wednesdays.

Cobblestone looks awesome in this texture pack. In fact, the whole thing has a sort of muted Lego appeal, which I enjoyed immensely.

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Moontrain’s Lucid Minecraft Texure Pack (16 x 16)

A ‘total Minecraft conversion intended to tame the rough and unpolished default graphics’, Lucid is a texture pack worth downloading if you’re looking for a pleasant replacement for the default texture pack, which, as we all know, is the ugliest thing on earth. But has Lucid really improved upon it? Lets take a moment to consider what it offers the esteemed Minecrafter.

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