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Sburb, Minecraft MS Paint CTM Adventure Map Download

sburbcraft minectraft ms paint GUI

A minecraft map reliving the glory days of MS Paint Adventures, Sburb is a fully fledged minecraft adventure CTM map complete with all the features you’d expect in a MS Paint inspired map – bizzare texture pack drawing direct inspiration from the original series and challenges more difficult than you could ever hope to solve with your dismembered arms. Play Sburb to fill the Sylladex and become lord high champion of nostalgia parties.

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The Misty Skull, Minecraft Cathedral Adventure Map

misty skull minecraft cathedral adventure map

If you love massive buildings devoted to the gods but filled with the undead, you’ll love this minecraft adventure map, which has about 110% more cathedral than any other comparable minecraft download. With a neat currency score system, more undead mobs than you can pray your way out of and a boss who calls himself a misty skull and still manages to be scary, this is a popular minecraft adventure map for a reason.

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Bioshock Infinite, Minecraft Butter Adventures and Gloomy Minecraft CTM Maps

Three minecraft maps in three totally different genres are being featured over on Wordpuncher today. Top of the list is the:

minecraft bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite Minecraft Map

minecraft bioshock infinite map download

A beautiful minecraft Bioshock Infinite map covering the City of Columbia, this minecraft rendering of the popular sequel to the Bioshock series is as stunning as it is fun. Ride the rails then take a stroll through the streets of Columbia, searching for the girl they want. (If that means nothing to you, check out this bioshock infinite trailer.)

Gloom CTM Minecraft Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

A dark, gothic style minecraft CTM map with massive builds, Gloom is one of the most popular minecraft CTM maps at the moment – and for good reason. The atmosphere in this map is hard to match and with extensive customization you’ll be able to craft your own unique survival experience in a world that feels deeply real.

Minecraft Butter Adventures Map

quest for butter minecraft adventure map download

A little bit adventure, a little bit butter, this is a cute and very popular minecraft adventure map with anything but a cute end boss. With four seperate levels and adjustable difficulties, you’ll enjoy pitting your wits against the devastatingly clever map designer as you claim your four blocks of golden butter and do your best to appease the butter god.

Minecraft Mountain Adventure Survival Island Maps

Two maps here, one a fantastically landscaped mountain island survival map, the other a minecraft adventure designed for two which culminates on a peak high above a sleepy seaside village.

Minecraft Mountain Island Survival Map

minecraft mountain island survival map download

This is a beautiful map. It’s also a solid little survival experience, largely consisting of taming the vertical wilds. Definitely a must play if you appreciate natural terrain. And tall things.

The Lonely Summit Minecraft RPG Adventure Map

the lonely summit minecraft adventure map

This is a well made classic adventure map in which you will make use of many diamond pickaxes to hack your way toward hidden clues. It has a pretty decent gear upgrading system and a decent little storyline too.

City of Love, Minecraft Dating Adventure Map Download

city of love minecraft dating adventure

Are you ready for an entirely new kind of minecraft adventure? A minecraft dating adventure map where the whole point of the game is to date, find love and hopefully not get on the wrong side of the zombie policemen patrolling the streets? City of Love is an exciting new breed of minecraft adventure map, one based on interacting and yes talking with fully animated NPCS. Oh, and flying robots. Really.

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Dead Prison Minecraft 1.5 Adventure Map Download

minecraft prison tower adventure map

This is a prison run by the undead, and with a guard to prisoner ratio of about 1000 to 1, you’re going to have a hard time getting out alive. Did I mention that your only initial means of escape is an enchanted brick? No? Well, it is.

Dead Prison is a fun, dangerous minecraft map that will test the skills of even the most intrepid minecraft adventurers. It’s not the sort of sweeping epic that you might experience in other minecraft adventure maps, but it is a very solid, very unique map well worth playing.

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Minecraft Asian Adventure Map | The Mysterious East

mysterious east minectaft asian adventure map download

A minecraft map set in both modern day Asia and in an Asian Fantasy realm that will make anyone with a fondness for or fascination with Asian culture have a small love attack, The Mysterious East is a beautiful and awe inspiring minecraft adventure with a cracking good story to match it. Travel through Mysterious Asian realms, designed heavily with both Japanese and Chinese influences.

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