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Minecraft Asian Adventure Map | The Mysterious East

mysterious east minectaft asian adventure map download

A minecraft map set in both modern day Asia and in an Asian Fantasy realm that will make anyone with a fondness for or fascination with Asian culture have a small love attack, The Mysterious East is a beautiful and awe inspiring minecraft adventure with a cracking good story to match it. Travel through Mysterious Asian realms, designed heavily with both Japanese and Chinese influences.

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Herobrine’s Return, Minecraft 1.5 Adventure Map (Download + Review)

herobrine's return minecraft adventure map game download

Herobrine has returned in this epic minecraft 1.5 adventure map from Hypixel, complete with custom boss fights, custom NPC’s, custom items and a dozen new, entirely custom ways to die. This is more than a minecraft adventure map, this could almost be called a minecraft adventure game, complete with scripted ‘cut scenes’ during which your foe will taunt you.

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Moonlight Island, A Minecraft Survival Adventure Island Map Download

minecraft moonlight survival island

This is a pretty island. A small island. An island with everything you need. It is also an island with dark secrets, an island that will force you to hone your trading skills and plumb the depths of your courage as you fight deadly foes, serve your allies – and fetch your mother some empty coke bottles.

Download Moonlight Island, and let your minecraft adventure begin!

The Last of Us, Minecraft Apocalypse City Adventure Map Download

the last of us minecraft apocalypse adventure map download

The Last of Us takes all the best elements of minecraft, creepers, zombies, Endermen standing around on stairs – and shoves them into downtown Manhattan twenty years after a virus wipes out most of humanity. Your mission, should you choose not to lie down and become zombie food, is to find a working vehicle and escape the city for a new life.

To read more about this fun, fast paced minecraft adventure survival experience, visit the review page and download it for yourself!

Minecraft Fallout Adventure Map Download | Fallout In Minecraft!

minecraft fallout adventure map download

Lamada Wastelands is the latest unofficial minecraft iteration of the Fallout series. You take on the role of the son of the Overseer of a vault fast running out of supplies. It is your job to venture out into the Wasteland and undertake many minecraft adventures so that those you left behind might have a chance at survival. This minecraft Fallout adventure map takes many of the elements of the popular Fallout series and incorporates them into an entirely new adventure experience. In your travels you will discover minecraft vaults, be sure to stay on the right side of minecraft Securitrons and watch your Rad levels like a hawk.

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Nivenska Nights, Minecraft Fantasy Adventure Map (Download + Review)

minecraft fantasy adventure map download

A minecraft fantasy map with more complicated names involving more consonants than is possible for the human mind to fully comprehend, Nivenska Nights is the latest and greatest Minecraft adventure map download. With two main quests to complete, several side quests and over three hundred hours of gameplay, you’ll be thrilled with the effort that has gone into making this minecraft fantasy map come alive.

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Legend of Zelda Minecraft Adventure Map (Download + Review)

minecraft zelda adventure map download

It is time to return to Hyrule Feild with this Zelda minecraft adventure map. Your favorite Zelda locations vaguely re-created in a way that evokes all the fun of the Zelda series. It’s not what I’d call a precise re-creation, and that’s fine, because there are plenty of Zelda builds already, there aren’t quite so many adventure maps where you can play your way through, experiencing nostalgia as you best bosses.

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Kidnapped, Minecraft Action Adventure Map (Download + Review)

kidnapped minecraft action adventure map download

KIDNAPPED has been 109 hours in development, which is an impressive feat. With a gripping story and forty five minutes of action packed gameplay, this is a must download for minecraft adventure buffs. The environments are beautiful, the story is tight and this map goes out of its way to ensure that it is not a waste of your precious minecrafting time. There’s plenty of adventure and action to be had, and the environments are out of this world.

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Respawn, An Amazing Minecraft RPG Map (Download + Review)

Respawn is a minecraft adventure RPG map. Before you go on to read this article and look at these screenshots (which are a select few of the many I took as vigorously as a certain type of tourist whilst playing this breathtaking map,) you should be warned that you are, right now, in the presence of something very special. Respawn is truly brilliant.

respawn minecraft adventure map download

From the very moment you spawn, Respawn is an impressive minecraft adventure map. You begin the game staring into the redstone eyes of a skull statue. And it turns out, in those first precious minutes of the game – that you’re already dead. This is the respawn room, the room where Steves go after falling into lava, or having their armor worn away by a horde of skeletons.

respawn starting room minecraft adventure

So you leave the place of death and you return to the world of the living where the sun shines. And there you are met by beauty that will take your breath away as you step into one of the map’s ‘sanctuary’ safe zones.

And then, your adventure begins…