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Maraxos Realism HD Hi-Res Minecraft Texture Pack (32x, 64x, 128x, 256x)

There’s a graphical pixel race going on in Minecraft at the moment. It seems as if everyone is fighting for more definition! More high resolution! More realism from a Minecraft texture pack! Well, we have a new contender, folks. This one’s called the Maraxos HD Realism texture pack. It’s so pretty that I took a screenshot of a stone wall and didn’t feel as if it was redundant to do so.

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LB RPG Realism Hi Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64x 128x 256x 512x)

The man behind LB Photo Realistic Texture Pack has done it again with an HD RPG style texture pack guaranteed to satisfy people who believe that Minecraft is probably an RPG hiding in a sandbox crafting game. The aim of this texture pack, as implied by the title, is realistic RPG style graphics. How well has this aim been achieved? Well, let me just say that I’m impressed.

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Evil Minecraft Preview Mod Download

This isn’t the greatest mod of all time. This is a preview of what could be the greatest Minecraft mod of all time, a mod that will turn Minecraft dark and evil and nefarious and make it far more interesting, in a scream all you want but nobody can hear you sort of way. This is one of the mods I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation, so nobody, nobody was more excited than I when Evil Notch announced that this preview mod with some evil features was available for download.

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AssassinCraft Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x32)

Steelfeathers has created an Assassin’s Creed style texture pack that captures the spirit of Renaissance Italy in a way that will make you feel like pushing your way through crowds of people, shoulder barging them at every opportunity you get. Let me ruin the dramatic tension right at the beginning by saying this is an awesome texture pack and you should definitely download it.

Click here to read a review, check out screenshots and download the texture pack!

SRD’s HD Hand Painted Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16, 32 x 32, 64 x 64)

You know what would potentially be quite awesome? Hand painted texture packs. I’ve reviewed a rather good one called Ovo’s Rustic Pack in the past, but this is another one – an entirely separate one and it’s going to get its own review. SRD’s HD Hand Painted Texture Pack is rather a hit and miss texture pack. The hits will blow your mind with their originality, the misses will make you screw up your face in a way that is frankly quite dangerous. If the wind changes, all our careers as international supermodels are over.

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