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Minecraft Throwable Bomb Potion Trap

Learn how to turn potions into throwable TNT bombs!


Minecraft Curses | How To Make A Minecraft Curse

Simply Sarc has engineered a curse system which works in vanilla minecraft and allows a player to put curses on themselves and others. the curses have various effects, from making the player unable to eat normal food to sending the player into a murderous frenzy. There are two curses, zombification and were-wither. Learn how to make both by watching the video.

Minecraft Architecture Guide | How To Be A Better Minecraft Builder

minecraft architecture guide

The dirt shack has gone the way of the cave. In the beginning of minecraft it was enough to throw together some cobble and wood and call your ‘castle’ home. But these days minecraft builds are impressive, entire cities with towers and spires and detailed cathedrals and all manner of minecraft buildings that leave the average player feeling – well, feeling pretty flat really. Fortunately, there are talented builders willing to provide tips as to how to build better minecraft structures. One of those builders is Lentebriesje, a planet minecraft builder with an astounding understanding of real world architecture. His series teaches you from the ground up how to use basic shapes and structures to create epic builds you can be proud of.

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Minecraft Password Portals | How To Password Your Portal

A neat way to make password protected minecraft portals, which enable you to create secret portals within other portals. Any player will be able to use the portal to access the nether or other locations, but only people who have the password written down on a piece of paper will be able to access the secret areas hidden inside the portal. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. Watch this minecraft portal password video to learn how to skip to secret dimensions without anyone knowing you’ve done it.

How To Download Minecraft 2.0

Minecraft 2.0 is a real minecraft client launched by Mojang for April Fool’s day. You can play this client, which comes in three separate versions. One contains super hostile mode, one contains new items and one contains both. Minecraft super hostile mode is a fun experience, if you like facing super buffed mobs with mega upgraded gear and a boosted spawn rate.

Finally, a minecraft April Fool’s prank we can enjoy!

Download Minecraft 2.0