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Make A Minecraft Nether Portal Base

Once they’ve harvested themselves some ever burning Netherrack and zipped between portals, many people find that the Nether outlives its usefulness rather quickly. It’s too dark to really be of any aesthetic use, and if you’re using the default texture pack or one remotely faithful to the default textures then you’ll probably find the Nether a very ugly place too. But there is a way to make the Nether more comfortable. I did it by bringing the sunshine, long grass and flowers back to the Nether with me.

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Beta 1.6 Simple Trap Door Lava Trap

I’ve had 1.6 for all of ten minutes, but already a mildly fiendish plan for a very real ‘trap’door has emerged. To manufacture this trap all you need is a trapdoor (created by six wooden planks placed horizontally along the bottom of the 3 x 3 crafting grid), a solid block for the trapdoor to sit next to and a pit of lava. Oh, and a pressure plate. The trap mechanism is simple, herpty derpty enemy or mob comes by, steps on pressure plate and suddenly the floor is lava!

Minecraft of the Mundane

A Boing Boing post dedicated to Minecraft creations that inspire an inescapable feeling of ‘meh’. I enjoyed this post for the sense of hopeless ennui it imparted. It begins with a row of semi-detached British houses, which I’ve personally always found soul destroying just to look at and moves on to other scenes like the one below, a deserted K Mart car park.


Minecraft Tomb Multi-Player Megastructure

A great many megastructures have been created in Minecraft and this is but one of them. I like it because of its other-worldy tomb atmosphere and moreover, its Tardis like quality. At first one is suitably underwhelmed, but as the player descends deeper underground, it becomes devastatingly apparent that this is much larger than was ever dreamed of in your philosophy.

Explore this structure for yourself on Unicorn Island

Mr Tea99′s Tracy Island, Thunderbirds Minecraft Save File Download

In one of the most impressive Minecraft creations I’ve ever seen, Mr Tea99 has re-created Tracy Island from the Thunderbird’s television series. Tracy Island comes to life in Minecraft with all and I do mean all the Thunderbirds presented in super realistic scale. Even Thunderbird 5, technically in orbit around the earth can be visited and inhabited. My jaw was on the floor for much of the time I spent exploring this world save, which is truly epic in the real sense of the word.

Mr Tea99 says: For any fans of the 1960′s TV show Thunderbirds I present Tracy Island! I have been working on this for the past few weeks using MCEdit and building by hand.

All the Thunderbird machines are available to explore, and there is a monorail tour departing from the back of the Tracy Villa that will take you around all the different hangars. The uniforms of each character are in the respective craft so you can go and collect them all, or just wear your favourite.

Thunderbirds Are Go!


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Tracy Island World Save Download

Featured Build: Minecraft Flood Gate Operated Automated Wheat Farm

This automatic wheat farm features flood gates, which when opened, flood a plain of wheat, automatically harvesting it and carrying it to a collection tray. From the collection tray, the wheat can be placed into a storage cart and send with the press of a button to a storage and kitchen area. A very impressive farming set up, with behind the scenes demonstrations as to how it works. This creation was made by Etherel15.