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Revenge of the Aliens Parkour Adventure Map Download

Do you love smashing your minecraft face into objects at high speed? If so, Revenge of the Aliens, a minecraft Parkour / Adventure map that pulls no punches and gives no second tries is the map for you. It’s merciless, which is good, because you don’t deserve mercy. You deserve the pain of progress, the crunching sound of bones and the respawn button to nowhere. Also, Aliens.

Click here to read more and download this minecraft adventure parkour map!

Minecraft Extra XP Mod Preview

At the moment you only get XP when you hack a sheep or other mob into little pieces. This mod enables XP for many other activities in the game, including mining certain ores. This seems like a great idea as it will provide added incentive for mining rather than mob grinding and extends the XP rewards system in a way that makes sense. More on this mod when it’s available!

Fifty Five Bugs In Minecraft 1.0

Seth Bling, one of the great minecraft video makers has created a video with a whopping fifty five bugs left in the ‘final’ edition of mninecraft. With Jens indicating that we’ll be getting optional updates (hopefully to fix these bugs and not add more whacky half finished features) every Friday or so, it’s becoming pretty clear that 1.0 was 1.0 in name only.

New Minecraft Sound Effects

You will have noticed that wooden doors and chests sound like they need some oil, here’s a video with all the new sound effects in one easy location. Aside from the Endermen sounds, which have been met with widespread approval and simultaneous horror, not all of these are considered winners. Personally the slurping ‘drinking’ sound makes me want to punch something.