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Yogscast Jaffa Cake Factory Download (Minecraft Potato Factory)

yogscast jaffa cake factory vanilla minecraft download

If you thought the Yogscast designed Jaffa Cake Factory, a project designed for the wonders of Tekkit (a minecraft mod pack that essentially turns minecraft into an entirely different game) was pretty swell, then you’ll love this vanilla minecraft download of the Jaffa Cake factory. Yes, a vanilla minecraft Jaffa Cake factory – which produces potatoes in frankly stunning numbers. There are a multitude of uses for a machine like this, most of them end up white and fluffy, slathered in butter and cheese and setting you up for the ultimate boss fight of heart attack diabetes.

Click here to download the vanilla re-build of the famous Yogscast Jaffa Cake Factory!


Download the Original Tekkit Jaffa Cake Factory as built by Honeydew and Co.!


Download A Minecraft Map of the World With Cities

minecraft earth map download

Making the Earth in minecraft was quite an achievement, but even more of an achievement is the minecraft map of the world complete with cities. You can now play through Canada, Russia and several more countries, with all their cities built in minecraft on the map. This is an ongoing project, but even in its current state there are many hours of world to explore – and I mean hundreds of hours. Explore the world as it has never been before!

Click here to read more, check out this minecraft city map of the world and supporting tools!

Bioshock Infinite, Minecraft Butter Adventures and Gloomy Minecraft CTM Maps

Three minecraft maps in three totally different genres are being featured over on Wordpuncher today. Top of the list is the:

minecraft bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite Minecraft Map

minecraft bioshock infinite map download

A beautiful minecraft Bioshock Infinite map covering the City of Columbia, this minecraft rendering of the popular sequel to the Bioshock series is as stunning as it is fun. Ride the rails then take a stroll through the streets of Columbia, searching for the girl they want. (If that means nothing to you, check out this bioshock infinite trailer.)

Gloom CTM Minecraft Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

A dark, gothic style minecraft CTM map with massive builds, Gloom is one of the most popular minecraft CTM maps at the moment – and for good reason. The atmosphere in this map is hard to match and with extensive customization you’ll be able to craft your own unique survival experience in a world that feels deeply real.

Minecraft Butter Adventures Map

quest for butter minecraft adventure map download

A little bit adventure, a little bit butter, this is a cute and very popular minecraft adventure map with anything but a cute end boss. With four seperate levels and adjustable difficulties, you’ll enjoy pitting your wits against the devastatingly clever map designer as you claim your four blocks of golden butter and do your best to appease the butter god.

Minecraft 1.5 Elevator Download

Learn how to make a working minecraft elevator that can be called from any minecraft ‘floor’, doesn’t use any pistons and can be customized to fit any minecraft building or structure. This minecraft elevator is just as useful in a two story house as it is a twenty story office building. Unlike other minecraft elevators, which require the player to start their journey at the very bottom and exit only at the top of the elevator, this minecraft elevator design allows the user to choose what floor they enter the elevator and which floor they leave.

Download this minecraft elevator!

Life Size House Minecraft Map Download

minecraft life size kitchen

Are you ready to explore a minecraft house built to real world scale? Not just one or two oversized minecraft rooms, but an entire house to explore? If so, this is definitely a map you’ll want to download. With several bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and semi-functional bathroom complete with minecraft toilet, this is a minecraft house you could really live in.

Click here to read more and download this life size minecraft house!

Sky Army Squid, Minecraft Survival Game Download

This minecraft 1.5 compatible survival map is a must play for anyone who doesn’t care much for squid. Or who enjoys combat based minecraft play. Or who is competitive and enjoys playing to be at the top of the leaderboard. Whatever your particular bipedal ape wiring wants you to do, this map will facilitate the process in some way.

The game is simple. Plunge into a tank full of squid and hack and slash until you find yourself on the verge of death. Then stop. It’s a little like shooting fish in a barrel, but slightly less honorable.

Download Sky Army Squid Minecraft Minigame!

Minecraft Elder Scrolls Map Collections | Download Minecraft Maps For Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim!

minecraft oblivion map download

This article contains a collection of Elder Scrolls inspired minecraft maps. From recreations of the Imperial City in Oblivion, to Skyrim’s famous townlet of Whiterun, you can download and play minecraft maps hailing from all over the great continent of Nirn.

Click here to read more and download minecraft Elder Scrolls maps!