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Portugal In Minecraft! (Portugal World Map Download)

minecraft portugal map download

Odds are, if you’re reading this, you’re not in Portugal right now. You can change that, by downloading this scale representation of the country of Portugal and opening it in Minecraft.

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How To Use A Minecraft Command Block

The command block is a minecraft block designed to be used in Adventure Mode. With a command block a map creator will be able to ‘instruct’ a map/block to dispense specific items and EXP points when the block is activated via a redstone current. This means that when a player completes an objective in adventure mode, they can be rewarded. The command block can also be used to change how the game behaves at different stages of the map. Mob spawning, fire spread, block and mob drops can all be controlled via the command block. The command block can also be used in multiplayer server maps (SMP).

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