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Minecraft TNT Mod! Too Much TNT

TNT is, without a doubt, the block with the most capacity for entertaining, dismaying and destroying the dreams of minecraft players. So what happens when you add a mod that adds ten new kinds of minecraft TNT? You read that right, ten new kinds of TNT. Four of these new kinds of TNT are just TNT boosts, so one block of TNT does as much damage as 5, 20, 100 or 500 blocks of TNT. If a single block of TNT with the force of 500 blocks of TNT is not powerful enough for you, you can go ahead and use the Meteor – which hits with enough force to wipe out a species. You have been warned.

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Minecraft Real Life Seasons Mod (Download + Review)

minecraft real life seasons mod download

The minecraft real life seasons mod emulates real world seasons within the game of minecraft. It is compatible with all versions of minecraft, is non-invasive, doesn’t change any of the game’s core mechanics, and yet still manages to create real world seasons in minecraft. How does it do it?

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How To Use Minecraft Bookshelves

minecraft useable bookshelf mod download

At the time of writing, minecraft bookshelves are only useful for two things. 1) Decoration and 2) boosting enchantment tables for higher level item enchantments. This smart bookshelves minecraft mod holds promise of new things – those new things being minecraft bookshelves that can actually be used to store books and maps!

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A Compleat History of Minecraft Shape Shifting Mods

minecraft shape shifter mod

If you’re looking for a minecraft shape shifter mod, this is the place to go, with a record of all minecraft shifter mods going back to the original mod launched way back in the mists of time, this article details the scope and powers associated with different minecraft shifter mods and also provides links to download the latest in the minecraft shifter scene.

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Minecraft Dr Who Mod Download | Minecraft Daleks, Minecraft Tardis

minecraft tardis dr who mod

EXTERMINATE! This is a Dr Who Dalek Mod for minecraft, and that’s really all I should have to say to have you whipping out your sonic screwdriver and accessing the nearest network terminal for a download of this minecraft mod. Calling this a Dalek mod is doing it a bit of a disservice because it’s more of a ‘World of Dr Who’ mod, complete with all sorts of interesting things…

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Minecraft Marriage Mod Download, Get Married And Have Kids In Minecraft!

minecraft marriage mod download

Minecraft’s villages and villagers are sort of disappointing, aren’t they? This mod turns minecraft villagers into friends, and more than that, it turns minecraft villagers into family. With a complex new villager system that allows for the giving of gifts, the making of friends and the marrying of wives and husbands, you can now start an an entire family inside minecraft.

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