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Sky Wars, Minecraft Multiplayer Map (Download + Review)

Part of the joy of having friends is destroying their hopes and dreams in fictional game scenarios. If you know some people you’d like to battle to the digital death over bits of colored wool, then do I have the map for you? (Hint: I do.) Sky Wars is a minecraft game map designed for one to four players and follows a simple premise: get the wool, or get exploded trying.

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Planet Earth Minecraft Map Download

I reviewed this map back when it was in its early stages and was just blown away by it then. This is a map of the entire planet earth made, to scale, in minecraft. It’s huge of course, just under half a gig of data to download but man oh man is it basically the perfect minecraft map. With the minecraft earth map you can finally live your dream of conquering the world without reality getting in your way. From the great deserts to frozen wastelands, this is a snapshot in time compiled by using satellite images from NASA to render the world as it was around the end of the 21st century.

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Assassination, Minecraft Parkour / Adventure / Multiplayer Map Download

Assassination is a high stakes, high rise adventure parkour map based loosely on Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge and other games in which people hurl themselves off tall things and destroy their enemies. There’s a lot to love about this map, first of all it’s an incredibly complex build, which means a lot of scope for exploration.

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Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Multiplayer Minecraft Map

If you’re looking for something fast paced, survival based and incorporating mano e mano action, then Spheric Ruins is the map you’ll be wanting for your next multiplayer project. Resources abound, though they have to be harvested and the terrain is not always friendly. Monsters, sharp dips and rivers of lava all stand in your way, not to mention broken creeper ladders and more.

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Minecraft Tomb Multi-Player Megastructure

A great many megastructures have been created in Minecraft and this is but one of them. I like it because of its other-worldy tomb atmosphere and moreover, its Tardis like quality. At first one is suitably underwhelmed, but as the player descends deeper underground, it becomes devastatingly apparent that this is much larger than was ever dreamed of in your philosophy.

Explore this structure for yourself on Unicorn Island