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Destiny, Minecraft Adventure Puzzle Map Download

One of the most exciting adventure / puzzle maps of the day, Destiny is a minecraft map that will make you work for a sense of coherency, which is a good thing in this day and age where we’re constantly spoon fed things that make sense at the outset. You’ll need all your minecraft puzzle solving skills and a good sense of stamina if you hope to meet your destiny.

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Sherlock Holmes Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map Download

I love me a little Sherlock Holmes I do. A little Victorian flavor always makes the vagaries of modern day life a little more bearable. Even if you only open this map and wander around it for a bit without reading any of the clues, solving any off the puzzles or indulging in any adventure whatsoever it will be worth it. The representation of Victorian London alone justifies the download.

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Chambers of JigSteve Minecraft Parkour/Puzzle Map Download

This is a minecraft map based on the movie ‘Saw’, which makes it promising out of the gate. Even though it is largely made of snow, one of the softest blocks in the minecraft universe, there’s an air of menace to it which I quite enjoyed. At times the map goes well out of its way to disorient you, and with frequent sign based interjections from the sometimes heavy handed JigSteve himself, it’s pretty hard to shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen.

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King Spoon’s Tomb, Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map Download

A minecraft adventure / puzzle map set in an Egyptian tomb, King Spoon’s Tomb is full of dangers for the unwary explorer. Lord Canarvon himself would think twice before setting foot even in the very outermost of chambers of the resting place of the great King Spoon. This is not a map that holds your hand and pets the back of it and tells you how wonderful you are. This is a map that goes out of its way to hurt you in ways that are inventive and amusing if your humor turns in that direction.

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The Dropper, Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map Download [New Minecraft Map Classic!]

The Dropper has one simple requirement for those that play it: survive the fall.

What’s truly fun (and when I say fun, I mean, a good ego check) is that it’s possible for you to fail this simple task almost immediately, albeit in a truly spectacular way. The opening level of ‘The Dropper’ (pictured in the image above) put me in mind of the opening of Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole. In fact, that’s what this level should really have been called, in my humble opinion. You fall and you fall and you fall and then you realize that the landing is going to have very unpleasant consequences if you can’t figure it out.

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ShrinkCraft Puzzle / Adventure / Parkour Minecraft Map Download


ShrinkCraft is called ShrinkCraft because everything is designed to super scale so you feel as if you are a tiny and insignificant creature stuck in a world too large and scary to understand. Just leaping off a simple table will give you fall damage. But the weird perspective is really the least of your worries. This map wins at the outset because it calls you a fatty and then does unspeakable things to you. Elements of parkour make for greater mental cruelty because not only do you have to submit yourself to amusingly terrible fates, you have to work hard to achieve the terrible outcome.

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