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Mountain Survival, Island Survival and Timed Parkour Minecraft Map Download Collection

Obsidian Run

obsidian run minecraft timed parkour

A parkour map with a difference, you have just three minutes to complete the Obsidian Run. Are you fast enough? Are you skilled enough to complete this timed parkour challenge?

Isle of Biomes

minecraft biome islands

This extensive minecraft island survival map provides plenty of scope for exploration, as well as traps and treasures.

Twin Peaks

minecraft mountain survival

A survival map based on your ability to withstand high altitudes and low temperatures, these are some seriously large mountains.

Minecraft Fantasy, Custom Terraforming, New Sky Survival: Wordpuncher’s Daily Minecraft Map Downloads

Today’s minecraft map downloads come in three very distinct categories. One is a full fledged medieval fantasy city, the other is a custom map featuring stunning rocky mountains and verdant gorges and the final map is an addition to the sky island survival genre. Click any image to be taken to the article and download link for the map.

minecraft fantasy map download

minecraft wild terrain map download

minecraft new sky island map download

Three New Minecraft Map Downloads | Horse Parkour, Shopping Survival and Runescape In Minecraft

Minescape Minecraft Runescape Map

minescape runescape map download

Dungeons of Daemonheim is an epic minecraft adventure survival map that will see you and every friend you can muster crawling through dungeons, dunegoning your way to success. Lots of monsters. Lots of traps. Lots of dungeons. Really. A whole lot of dungeons. It’s silly how many there are. This map is based on the ever popular Runescape.

Shopping Survival!

A minecraft sky island map which relies upon clever purchasing tactics, not cobblestone generation as a means to survival. Very original and a lot of fun.

Buckle Up! Minecraft Horse Parkour

minecraft horse parkpur

It’s parkour. With horses. And it feels oh, so right.

Surface of the Sun, Classic Minecraft Survival Map Download

surface of the sun minecraft survival map

If you think surviving on an island is hard, try surviving on the sun. It’s like, super hot there. Surface of the Sun is a survival map which begins with a bang and hurls the player into a searing survival challenge like none before. (Okay, a little like some before, but Surface of the Sun has some nice touches that will be appreciated by connisseurs of the minecraft survival map tradition.)

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Project Zomboid, Now In Minecraft

minecraft project zomboid map

A minecraft experience including thirst, zombie detection levels and the same slow creeping sense of terror that typifies modern zombie games like Project Zomboid and DayZ, this is almost a minecraft horror map, or perhaps, more aptly described – a map of little minecraft horrors.

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Minecraft Sky Ship Survival (Download + Review)

minecraft sky ship survival map

There’s a ship in the sky, it won’t be sailing any time soon but maybe you can find a way to survive atop it whilst completing a series of minecraft survival challenges directly linked to your ability to a) mine and b) craft. If you’ve completed all the other minecraft sky challenge maps and are looking for yet another to devour with your epic chicken farming, wheat growing skills, and you think that doing them on a boat might be fun, then I recommend this map highly. It has been made with not only survival, but also pleasant aesthetics in mind, so you can enjoy your self-enforced exile in the sky.

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Minecraft Mycelium Survival Map (Download + Review)

minecraft mushroom survival map download

Can you survive in a world of mycelium? This minecraft map is the perfect place to grow mushrooms, but Steve cannot live on mushroom alone, can he? Mycelium isn’t a terribly good medium for survival – all the trees are dead and if the bare terrain doesn’t get you, the almost endless caverns probably will.

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Download A Minecraft Map of the World With Cities

minecraft earth map download

Making the Earth in minecraft was quite an achievement, but even more of an achievement is the minecraft map of the world complete with cities. You can now play through Canada, Russia and several more countries, with all their cities built in minecraft on the map. This is an ongoing project, but even in its current state there are many hours of world to explore – and I mean hundreds of hours. Explore the world as it has never been before!

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Bioshock Infinite, Minecraft Butter Adventures and Gloomy Minecraft CTM Maps

Three minecraft maps in three totally different genres are being featured over on Wordpuncher today. Top of the list is the:

minecraft bioshock infinite

Bioshock Infinite Minecraft Map

minecraft bioshock infinite map download

A beautiful minecraft Bioshock Infinite map covering the City of Columbia, this minecraft rendering of the popular sequel to the Bioshock series is as stunning as it is fun. Ride the rails then take a stroll through the streets of Columbia, searching for the girl they want. (If that means nothing to you, check out this bioshock infinite trailer.)

Gloom CTM Minecraft Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

A dark, gothic style minecraft CTM map with massive builds, Gloom is one of the most popular minecraft CTM maps at the moment – and for good reason. The atmosphere in this map is hard to match and with extensive customization you’ll be able to craft your own unique survival experience in a world that feels deeply real.

Minecraft Butter Adventures Map

quest for butter minecraft adventure map download

A little bit adventure, a little bit butter, this is a cute and very popular minecraft adventure map with anything but a cute end boss. With four seperate levels and adjustable difficulties, you’ll enjoy pitting your wits against the devastatingly clever map designer as you claim your four blocks of golden butter and do your best to appease the butter god.