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Moontrain’s Lucid Minecraft Texure Pack (16 x 16)

A ‘total Minecraft conversion intended to tame the rough and unpolished default graphics’, Lucid is a texture pack worth downloading if you’re looking for a pleasant replacement for the default texture pack, which, as we all know, is the ugliest thing on earth. But has Lucid really improved upon it? Lets take a moment to consider what it offers the esteemed Minecrafter.

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Romecraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x16)

Barbarians enjoy their primitive cobblestone castles, but more advanced civilizations know that what one really needs to build a city, nay a world worth mentioning are aqueducts and columns, coliseums and great works of art. Romancraft, a texture pack that fits neatly over the default texture pack with its 16 x 16 textures, saving you the trouble of loading up four different patchers and mod tools, works on install and it transforms your barbaric wild lands into places you can be proud of.

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Grampy’s Land Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x16)

An attempt at ‘realism’ in 16 x 16 format, Grampy’s Land is not a bad little texture pack, not a bad little texture pack at all. If you’re looking for an additional 16 x 16 texture pack that is pleasantly neutral with little hints of character, then Grampy’s Land may very well be the texture pack of your dreams – or at least the texture pack of your next few hours. Let’s not go overboard on the commitment front.

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Minecraft HD Textures vs Default 16 x 16 Texture Packs

Minecraft has always taken a great deal of ribbing about the state of its graphics, which are simple at best. Some modders have decided to fix the shameful graphic issue by adding ‘HD’ texture packs in which the tiles no longer display at 16 x 16 per tile, but instead sit at 64x 64 or even 128 x 128 if people are pushing the limits of what can be done.

If you just want to know how to install HD textures, I’ve written a guide here. So go forth. The rest of this article is going to be dedicated to discussing the relative merits of HD textures vs the default 16 x 16 texture packs.

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How To Install HD Minecraft Texture Packs

There’s no denying that HD texture packs with 64 x 64 tiles as opposed to the standard 16 x 16 tiles add a heck of a lot of realism and additional graphical splendor to the game that is Minecraft. Up until recently however, installing HD texture packs has been a pain in the proverbial derriere.

This guide will show you how to quickly and cleanly upgrade your texture pack from stock standard to racing slick (or you know, any other analogy you feel comfortable with.)

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EldPack, Old School RPG Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Fans of an older, more genteel gaming style are going to fall in love with EldPack, a Minecraft texture pack that puts one firmly back in the 80′s, when gaming was good and somebody else paid the rent. (Seriously, I don’t know if we’d have all been so jazzed about the prospect of growing up if someone had mentioned that ‘rent’ thing a few times.)

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ModernCraft, A Modern Minecraft Texture Pack

Many Minecraft texture packs, and indeed, the default Minecraft textures is the fact that they rather trap the player into building sometime in the Middle Ages. There’s cobblestone and treasure chests and wooden torches and all in all one could be forgiven for thinking that this game was developed in 1610, not 2010. ModernCraft is a texture pack that updates Minecraft to modern times.

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