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Mace, Minecraft Automatic City Building Tool

Mace, Minecraft City Builder. This downloadable tool lets you generate a city at your spawn point. (Yes, it’s a tool, so you don’t have to mod your game in order for it to work. Perfect for the mod-o-phobe and the somewhat hypocritical vanilla purist alike!) No more entering empty Minecraft worlds with a sense of pointless desolation! With Mace, your world begins with a city, a city you can defend or destroy depending on your personal inclination.

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SkinCraft | Make Your Own Minecraft Avatar

One of the customizable aspects of Minecraft is your in game avatar, otherwise known as your ‘skin’. There are a bunch of skins available for download in various places, but up until now, there’s never been a very good Minecraft skin generator that allows you to make your very own skins. The-Swain has come to our collective rescue however with a tool that allows you to make your own Minecraft avatar, either by picking out pieces, or by creating your own skin pixel by pixel.

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MineDraft, Free Online Drafting Tool For Minecraft

MineDraft is a Minecraft creation planning tool that seeks to surpass MS Paint and other similar programs like the Minecraft Structure Planner. MineDraft features a user friendly interface with many of the game’s blocks at your disposal instead of pencil dots. I did notice that blocks like fences and beds and leaves were somewhat conspicuous by their absence however, so that’s something you’ll just have to come to grips with in your own way, in your own time.

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MC Edit Minecraft World Editor Tool Quick Guide

MC Edit is the ultimate Minecraft hack to end all Minecraft hacks. What does it do? It enables you to edit your world outside the game in a purpose built interface designed to make everything easier. Want to build something that requires a large expanse of flat land, but can’t be bothered destroying 10,000 blocks by hand? MC Edit can remove large swathes of terrain with little more than a click, a drag and another click.

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River Generator Tool | Make Real Flowing Rivers In Minecraft

One landscape element glaringly missing from Minecraft are rivers. Think about it. Water flows hither and thither, and there are lakes and puddles every which way you look, but there aren’t any rivers, rivers that flow as strongly and proudly as the Nile. Where are the rivers? They’re waiting for you to make them a reality, that’s where they are.

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Minecraft In-Game Inventory Editor

INVedit is a wonderful inventory editing tool, but it can be a little inconvenient to have to stop playing the game, save the file and then open the INVedit program and load the inventory of the particular save you’re playing, edit it, save it again and then restart your game. Too Many Items is an inventory editing mod that can be accessed in game and toggled on and off with the ‘o’ key.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Rigasumi’s Minecraft Mod Loader

If you’re getting into modding your Minecraft game, you’ve probably already heard a great deal about this ‘Mod Loader’ tool. Once you start looking at mods, it is mentioned pretty much every few sentences. But what is Mod Loader and why do you need to use it? This essential guide answers some basic questions about Mod Loader and sets you on the path to enjoying Minecraft as it was meant to be enjoyed – however you want.

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