Skull Island Hardcore Minecraft Survival Map Download

 minecraft survival island map download

The Phantom once lived in a giant skull, and that worked out rather smashingly for him, so there’s no reason why this shouldn’t work out well for you. Unless you have something against hyped up custom mobs with a devilishly devastating series of attacks sure to knock down your hearts and have you chewing leather before bedtime.

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Sailable Minecraft Ships | Working Ships In Minecraft

Finally! A mod that actually allows you to build and then sail your own ships, both sailing ships and air ships, for that matter. Take to the sea and the skies with this minecraft mod which finally frees players from the tethers of their static creations and makes the world of minecraft that much more dynamic.

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Minecraft 1.6 Download and Install Guide

how to download minecraft 1If you would like to update to the newest version of Minecraft 1.6, you’ll need to download the new minecraft launcher. The old program will no longer automatically download new minecraft versions as it did in the past. Fortunately, getting the new launcher is easy, as is installation.

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Minecrafters To Go Hungry! Minecraft 1.6 Hunger Food Changes

minecraft hungerI hope you have plenty of pork chops saved up for the release of Minecraft 1.6, because starting July 1 2013, healing in minecraft will now consume food. This creates a vicious cycle if you happen to be taking damage, want to sprint instead of walk, or if you’re just a little too low on supplies.

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