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Minecraft Transport Solutions, Piston Powered ‘Train’ People Mover

I’ll let Brows of Steel explain this as the maker of this admirably long people moving system:

The diagonal people mover enables travel at precisely 10√2 m/s. That’s approximately 14.1 m/s, 51 kph, or 32 mph. That’s 41% faster than the axial people mover, 25% faster than diagonal minecarts, and fully 3.3× as fast as walking..

Put this puppy in the Nether and you could be travelling the equivalent of 407 kph (253 mph). That’s faster than any passenger train.

Want to make your own? Click Here For The ‘How To’ Video


Storage Minecart Multi-Chest Fully Optimized System

Yeeeah, so this is a Storage Minecart storage system in which you can cycle through multiple chests at the push of a button. Full credit and infinite kudos go to SethBling, who engineered this system (amongst other things, like an inescapable piston prison) and shares it with you in a multitude of formats in the video below.

Minecraft Canal System | Minecart Alternatives

It occurred to me as I was watching this video of an incredible water ‘slide’ built in SMP by Chilldy06 and Cipher004 that I realized I’d been wasting my time messing around with tracks and minecarts and boosters. Let’s face it. Minecarts suck. They suck badly. Unless you use glitches in the game to make them work, they’re slow and ungainly and they’re stumped by hills almost entirely. Even with a powered minecart, it’s far too easy to put the coal in the wrong way and then end up chasing your cart all over the map until it runs out of coal.

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Minecarts Are Too Slow | Building Better Minecart Boosters

I used this five cart minecart booster for all of a day before Notch completed the Halloween update, which I’m blaming for sort of breaking it. Prior to the update, it seemed to work like a dream, providing enough acceleration to send mine carts flying across my great network (which is getting pretty darned large these days) almost endlessly. In fact, it took a collision with a misplaced farm animal or simply leaping out of the cart at speed to stop the journey.

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